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Virtual Conference Recordings

  • Fundraising Fundamentals Recreation, Parks, and Sport Professionals
  • Top 10 Ways to Support Performance Improvement
  • Master Planning 101
  • Power Up Summer Camps
  • The Value of Parks as Green Infrastructure
  • Checking in on the Trail Boom
  • The Bench: Connecting with the Parks and Recreation Community and CPRA update


  • Data Literacy with Mike Roma and Ron Smith 

  • Program Evaluation with Cassandra Montanino

  • Risk Management for Recreation Leaders with Jason Robinson

  • The Law and Recreation: A Roundtable Discussion with Steven Indig
  • Social Media Strategy for Recreation Professionals
  • What I Have Learned In 50 Years in this Field: Brian Johnston

The Law and Recreation: A Roundtable Discussion with Steven Indig

Tuesday, November 09, 2021 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CT

Over the course of an hour Steve will cover waivers, rental agreement, liability, and employment standards.


Steve Indig, BRec, LLB, began his career with Sport Law in 2003, immediately after being called to the bar as a lawyer. Steve has had the opportunity to work with over 650 national, provincial, and local sport organizations providing consulting and legal services related to governance, employment, contracts, policies, disputes, and privacy. He is a regular guest speaker and presenter at AGMs, conferences, and workshops, and also acts as a mediator and adjudicator.

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Social Media Strategy for Recreation Professionals

Tuesday, October 06, 2021 | 10:00 AM - 1200 PM CT

Social media strategy for recreation professionals with Kelly Thibodeau

Social media. Love it or hate it, it’s where you need to be. In this workshop, we focus on the fun stuff and the messy stuff — how to identify your target market, create engaging content (what is a hashtag anyway???), deal with the haters, build goodwill and grow your community. Social media can feel like one more thing on a long to-do list or a fun part of your day to day. Don’t let the fear of something going wrong hold you back from becoming part of the online conversation. Bonus: attendees will receive a social media voice and tone tip sheet and editorial calendar template. 


Kelly is a technical writer turned digital marketer turned entrepreneur. She’s helped entrepreneurs, business professionals and community groups connect with their audiences online. She teaches digital + social media marketing at the University of Winnipeg and is a Certified Usability Analyst.

Kelly helps organizational leaders in traditionally conservative industries think differently. She believes that customers want to do business with companies that show the relationship means as much as the transaction and that curiosity, empathy and integrity make you stand out in today’s marketplace. Kelly’s been on LinkedIn since 2006, and has had too many browser tabs open ever since.

Kelly is the Founder & Director of Squarely Social.

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Social Media Tip Sheet

Empathy map worksheet

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What I Have Learned In 50 Years in this Field: Brian Johnston

Wednesday, October 06, 2021 | 10:00 AM - 1:200 PM CT

Brian says that the great thing about being a consultant is that you are exposed to a wide range of communities and ways of doing things. You have to learn quickly and keep learning. And, you soon learn that while every community is unique, there are many common threads to the field of parks and recreation that apply universally. Nearing the end of his career, Brian has looked back and synthesized 50 years of learning into a single session of practical applications in the hope of passing on to participants the benefit of those lessons.


A Manitoba native, Brian went to the University of Manitoba (B.P.E.) and then Loughborough University in England (M. Sc. In Recreation Management) before a short career with the Province of Manitoba as Facilities Consultant and as a Regional Recreation Consultant. He started a private consulting firm (PERC) in 1975 and merged that firm with RC Strategies in 2015 where he is now a partner. Brian has worked on a wide variety of recreation research, planning and consulting contracts over the past 46 years in hundreds of Canadian communities big and small. He has been a guest lecturer often and has published broadly. His main areas of work and influence have been in public policy, long range planning and facility feasibility issues.

PowerPoint Slides
    Information and resources from Brian Johnson’s Presentation
      1.     The file called A Rationale for the Delivery of Public Leisure Services anchors the notion of public good and “what business we are in” as the title suggests.
      2.     The ppt file called Eastman and Interlake Workshop for Elected Officials is a summary of the rationale document above in a presentation format but without all the speaking notes.
      3.     The file called Excerpt from Dawson Creek Master Plan shows how the Rationale can be used as a basis for analysis and planning.
      4.     These two files relate to performance measures. The Word file (Technical Issues and need-demand) summarizes my point about the difference between technical issues and the ppt file (Workshop on Performance Measures) is a summary of several points from today’s presentation.
      5.     Workshop on Public Consultation file is from a workshop on public engagement which has several reactive and proactive techniques.
      6.     These file (2019-04-18 RDCK Fees and Charges, POCOF&C, AND 2019-03-12 RDCK Fees and Charges Final Report) Fees and Charges Policies from two communities show how the fundamentals in the Rationale can be applied to setting fees. They include the benefits continuum
      7.     This file (Public Private Partnerships BCRPA Journal) includes more on partnerships and contracting out. It includes reference to the Surrey Outdoor Pool contract

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      Software Survey: Recreation MB conducted a survey to get feedback on types and uses of recreation management software being used.

      Ice Rates Survey: Recreation MB conducted a survey to get feedback on ice rates and staff wages for arena staff.

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