Service Awards

Recreation Manitoba is fortunate to have volunteers who have contributed to making Recreation Manitoba the organization that it is today. It is important that volunteers are acknowledged for their contributions, and Recreation Manitoba Service Awards celebration is one way we show our appreciation. These awards recognize volunteers on Recreation Manitoba Committees. Service awards recipients are recognized annually at our Annual Meeting.

Past Service Award Recipients

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The Prairie Crocus Award is the most prestigious award presented by Recreation Manitoba and honours a professional who has made a significant contribution to recreation, therapeutic recreation, parks and/or leisure services within the Province of Manitoba.

A nominee for this award:
  • must be a member in good standing with Recreation Manitoba
  • will have worked in the profession a minimum of five (5) years
  • have promoted and advanced the values and benefits of recreation, therapeutic recreation, parks and/or leisure
  • by their actions, have had a positive impact on the community they serve
  • have contributed to the profession through active participation on committees, special initiatives and/or projects with local, regional, and/or national associations

Therapeutic Recreation Award of Excellence recognizes and honours a therapeutic recreation professional who has made a significant contribution in the field of Therapeutic Recreation within the Province of Manitoba. *Individuals, students, groups and organizations are eligible for this award.

A nominee for this award will:
  • have through their actions, enhanced the quality of life of their community through therapeutic recreation, leisure services and programs
  • have demonstrated innovation, resourcefulness and leadership as a therapeutic recreation professional.
  • have initiated a therapeutic recreation program, service and/or process in their group/organization.

This award recognizes a recreation facility, individual or group in Manitoba that demonstrates outstanding or unique innovations in providing places to gather, play and connect. Nominees have the capacity and passion to operate facilities and spaces, according to best practices and trends in the industry. *Facilities, spaces, and individuals that contributed to facility and recreation space management are eligible for this award.

A nominee for this award will:
  • best leadership practices in places and spaces where recreation and leisure occur.
  • encourages a place to gather, play and connect.
  • encourage safe, accessible and inclusive facilities and/or spaces.
  • have been instrumental in implementing innovative initiatives and efforts to create, improve, or enhance a recreation facility and/or space

Parks, trails and natural spaces are enriching spaces for recreation resulting in both environmental and human benefits. This award recognizes the passion and achievements of individuals, groups and organizations that steward recreational, natural, and green spaces that enhance community quality of life. *Individuals, groups, organizations, and outdoor destinations are eligible for this award.

Nominees in this category demonstrate:
  • best leadership practices in green practices and climate change initiatives
  • active steward for green spaces and nature
  • share knowledge of new spaces
  • encourage exploration of natural built environments

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