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As most municipalities have a shortage of staff, funds, and time, managing recreation assets is not a simple task and COVID-19 has not made it easier. Recreation Facility Asset Management (RFAM) helps bridge that gap. As a benefit to Recreation Manitoba members, the inventory module has generously been made available free of charge as a member benefit.

RFAM allows its users to improve inventory tracking, reporting of preventative maintenance, and generating work orders. This software is a solution designed by recreation practitioners for recreation practitioners.

Fill out our survey to be invited to a free webinar to learn how RFAM and a fundamental understanding of Asset Management can benefit your municipality and receive the FREE inventory module.


The word ‘xyst’ is of Greek origin and means a terrace or walkway with trees – or a planted and covered outdoor venue for athletic training; all trappings of a desirable standard of existence.

The name reflects the company’s passion for quality parks, public open spaces and community facilities, which all ultimately enhance the ‘existence’ of a community.

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