Our History

The organization of recreation professionals began in 1967 with the Manitoba Municipal Recreation Directors Association (M.M.R.D.A.). In 1973, the M.M.R.D.A. disbanded creating a new association with broader objectives, open to all Manitobans concerned with leisure opportunities in our province.

On September 29, 1974, the Manitoba Parks and Recreation Association was formed. The Association had five membership divisions: municipal, professional, associate, commercial and student – each fully and equally represented on the executive board by an elected director.

For 21 years MPRA provided direction and leadership to professionals, volunteers, politicians and the public within the province. We are thankful for the individuals that made a positive impact on parks and recreation in Manitoba during those 21 years. In 1995, MPRA discontinued operations and Recreation Connections Manitoba was incorporated in 1996.

Recreation Connections Manitoba grew from the need to provide an organization, at that time, that was service-oriented with a non-membership structure. Membership was open to all volunteers and professionals in the recreation, parks and leisure delivery system in Manitoba.

Since 1996, Recreation Connections Manitoba has been working hard to provide a united and strong voice for recreation. We want to be on the leading edge as a profession and state loud and clear the value and benefits of recreation. We believe our role as professionals is vital in sending the “Benefits” message across our province.

In 2020 Recreation Connections Manitoba rebranded to Recreation Manitoba leading up to the 25th anniversary of the organization. This celebration presented the opportunity to emphasize our unwavering commitment to the vision that originally inspired our organization.

We believe our future is positive and forward thinking, Our goal is to build an enabling and credible organization that benefits all recreational interests, individuals, municipalities, organizations and business alike. Through education, networking, partnerships and advocacy, Recreation Manitoba will be able to support recreation volunteers and practitioners, who are committed to enhancing the health and wellness of Manitobans.

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