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Call for Nominations - Recreation Manitoba Board of Directors

July 15, 2022 11:42 | Deleted user

Recreation Manitoba – September 16th, 2022, ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM)


What is Recreation Manitoba?

Recreation Manitoba is a dynamic, provincial organization that provides leadership and a strong voice to the recreation delivery system in Manitoba

How is the Board of Directors structured?

The business of the Association shall be managed by a Board consisting of no less than five (5) and no more than nine (9) directors. The composition of the Board shall include one (1) Director who fulfill the following quota: At least one (1) Director who is a member of therapeutic recreation profession.

How many positions are up for election?

For 2022 there are five spots currently open for election with one incumbent, Justine Friesen, running for re-election on the Board of Directors. Each spot is for a two-year term.

Responsibilities of Board Members:

1.       Directors are required to attend all regular meetings (approximately six meetings per year), annual general meetings and special meetings as determined.

2.       Directors are responsible for carrying out the policies and directives of the RMB, which are determined at the annual general meeting.

3.       Directors are accountable to the funders for the programs and services provided by the RMB and how the associations’ funds are expended.

4.       Directors shall serve as a liaison between the recreation community and the RMB.

5.       Directors maybe required to Chair or co-Chair, and actively participate on one of the Committees of the Board.   Committee responsibilities include by are not limited to:

  • providing the Board of Directors with regular progress reports and/or presentations
  • overseeing the logistics of the committee operations and identifying resources required (financial and/or human) for all initiatives, programs and/or services

6.       Directors will foster positive working relationships between volunteers and staff.

7.       Directors shall volunteer for and willingly accept assignments and complete them thoroughly and on time.

8.       Directors must stay informed about board and committee matters, prepare themselves well for meetings and review and comment on minutes, financial reports and other related items.

9.       Directors shall serve without remuneration.  A Director will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses (i.e. mileage) incurred by them in the performance of their duties.

Time Commitment

  • Recreation Manitoba holds an average of six (6) meetings of the Board per year – with most meetings held electronically (e.g. zoom, teleconference). Meetings are generally held during a normal work day.
  • Directors are expected to serve on at least one (1) committee and attend up to four (4) such committee meetings per year. There may be additional committee(s) work as required.

Term of Office

Directors serve a term of two years with the maximum number of terms being three, for a total of six years.

To be eligible for election as a Director, an individual must:

a)       Any members of the Association who is eighteen (18) years of age or older and who has the power under the law to contract, is not in the status of bankrupt, is able to carry through the responsibilities of a Director. All Directors must be members of the Association.b)      Nominations will be accepted from any voting Member in good standing.

How will Board members be selected?

Directors are elected in accordance with Recreation Manitoba’s By-laws

What qualifications are needed to be a Director?
12. Directors must possess a majority of the following General Attributes


Independence and sound judgment

Integrity – demonstrate personal integrity, are trustworthy, and insist the organization behave ethically.


Long-term, strategic outlook.

Organizational Governance knowledge and experience at a somewhat complex organization.

Knowledge of business issues and financial matters.

Demonstrated ability to operate effectively as part of a diverse team.

Continuous improvement mindset – including being open to new ideas, are strategically agile and responsive to change.

Conflict resolution – they are oriented to resolve conflict, are resilient after it occurs and support board decisions once made.

In addition the following competencies have been identified

Competencies are labeled as Essential(E)-priority 1, Desirable(D)-priority 2, Beneficial(B)-priority 3



Leadership Experience



Experience as a leader in a government/public sector or private sector organization. This means engagement with budget development and reporting, risk identification and mitigation, policy/procedure review and approval, organizational structure (individual positions and larger

decisions) that impact employees, engagement with strategic planning and reporting, etc.

Risk Management



Identifying principal risks of an organization. Experience in doing risk identification and mitigation.

Financial Literacy &

Operational Controls



Ability to read, understand and analyze financial statements. Experience with financial accounting standards, internal controls, audit, and reporting.

Strategic Planning



Experience in engagement with strategic plan, overseeing the measuring/reporting, and identification of strategic priorities.




Experience in an HR function in an organization




Experience in a Board environment. Experience in drafting, revising and engagement in diverse and interconnected policy and procedures.

Communications and Engagement



Demonstrated ability to facilitate healthy interactions/relationships and effectively deliver messaging in a diverse, multi-stakeholder environment specific to recreation and parks. Stakeholder engagement and knowledge of communication strategies.

IDEA(Inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility)



Experience of giving consideration in thinking and decision making to inclusion, diversity, equality, accessibility. Knowledge of standards with regards to IDEA.


All individuals wishing to run for a position as a Director, including any current Director, will be subject to nomination which requires the submission of a signed Nominee Application Form and supporting materials by the application deadline.

The Nominations Committee will conduct due diligence by reviewing the nominee’s qualifications, the required skills and attributes, potential conflict of interests or other significant matters which would preclude the nominee from successfully fulfilling the duties of a Director. Each Nominee must complete and sign a Nominee Application Form and submit it to the Nominations Committee.

What is the deadline for submitting 2022 Nominee Applications?

Nominee Applications must be submitted by September 9, 2022, at 10:00am (CT).
Applications must be emailed to emailed to:

Additional questions?

Email info@recreationmb.ca

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